red flamenco watercolour painting by Emma Plunkett art
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Enjoy living with original art by Emma Plunkett.

I create art which is intended to be lived with, art that can enhance your everyday home and work life. All art can be shipped worldwide or collected in person. Or if you fancy, you can come and create your own art under my supervision.

I provide original content for film, web and print and I am happy to come up with original ideas to develop your project from scratch.

I believe that art is not finished until it is publicly displayed, where it goes on to live a life of its own, beyond its creator’s imagination. I exhibit my art regularly, organising large group shows and I also sell directly to the public from various shops, galleries, my studio and from here online.

If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, then please get in touch to talk about what you’d like. If you would prefer a closer look at any of the pieces on this site, we can arrange a video call, so you can view the artwork on your screen. Take your time to look around the site and feel free to make a comment or start a discussion.

Most of the art work on this website can be made available for licensing, please get in touch about creating terms that suit you.
Orange Groves Andalusia – oil painting – Emma-Plunkett Art
Painted in oils, on location in a beautiful valley of orange groves in southern Spain by Emma Plunkett

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