Artist statement

Emma Plunkett is British born and educated. First of all, she is an artist, independent filmmaker, and designer. In addition to this, Emma’s art has branched out over the years to include clay sculptures, cyanotype prints, watercolours, oil paintings, poetry, photographic montages, video art, illustrations, and vector designs. Emma is technically minded and passionately creative. She is primarily interested in portraying form and composition with clarity, whatever the medium.

Her characteristic witty surrealist style celebrates the female form, very often in movement – dance or performance.” SaloArte.

Emma’s work is very personal and great, elaborated with great mastery and feeling.” Rafael Vílchez, Ideal

Ian Rutter from Talk Radio Europe interviewed Emma for his talk-show, Life Stories. The show was aired on the 3rd December 2017. Listen to Emma speak about some of her life.

Creative Intention

Emma sometimes feels like a slave to the creative urge. In her experience, when a piece wants to come into existence there is no point in fighting or denying it. However, it sometimes takes a certain amount of courage to allow the art be whatever it wants to be.

Emma values her direct experiences, reflecting her environment and feelings in her artwork – sometimes it’s a book she’s read, a view she’s seen, something spiritual or a friend who evokes inspiration. She often starts a piece with abstract doodling, which helps her to access her subconscious – she loves to be surprised by what comes out. Her artwork is planned but not thoroughly, though it is well crafted. For all these reasons Emma’s artwork is original, mostly figurative – she develops her own emblems, it’s usually vivid, feminine, even sexy, though her style and method are changeable.


Emma studied art for 6 years, straight from school. She gained A levels in ceramics and art, a diploma in general art and design from Amersham college F.E. and Ba (Hons) Fine Art from East London University. Throughout her adult life, Emma’s been a regular at ceramic evening classes. She’s completed various short courses to do with editing, animation and film making. She’s self taught to use Adobe creative suite.


Emma is Chair of her local artists’ group, Artists’ Network Alpujarra, where they have nearly 50 members, who meet weekly to socialise. She helps artists to make their work more visible through exhibitions and SEO. Her roles also include communication, project managing, organising exhibtions, managing the website, marketing and keeping a database of artists.

Film work

Emma has worked throughout London and Europe, as a VJ (video projection artist). From the early analogue days, transitioning through to the digital age. She went by her given name of Miss Plunkett and had way too much fun mixing her videos live at all the big night clubs in London, as well at festivals, concerts, art events and for theatre. She taught video at Four Corners, London and she worked as a senior video technician at the London Film Makers Co-op (The Lux). More recently she has taken her animation and film making skills into more formal work arenas – films for websites and films for conferences. The most noteworthy of which being for Acompalia, Siemens FS, VSO, Morley College and The Miscarriage Association – her animation was runner up in the UK 2017 charity film awards.


You can experience Emma’s art in the flesh at the Kitty Harri sculpture garden, near Jete, in Granada and at other temporary exhibitions. She writes a blog and also a free weekly art newsletter to communicate information about up coming exhibitions,  juicy details about her creative journey and to show you her latest creations. You can view her portfolio on her art gallery page. You can purchase the licenses to use her art for commercial and non commercial projects and buy digital downloads of images you can print yourself.

Emma Plunkett’s Curiculum

April 2018Ceramiq – Órgiva
A cyanotype exhibition.
Nov – Dec 2017La Azucarer – Motril
Emma organised an exhibition for 50 artists!
Aug – Nov 2017La Botíca – Salobreña
Exhibition in a restaurant.
Oct 2017University of Granada
One day lecture to give the students an idea of what life is like being a professional artist.
Aug 20174 Artists – Jardín Nazarí, Velez de Benaudalla
Mix Amylo, ClaraBaza, Emma Plunkett and Beatrice Constán