Artist statement

Artist Emma PlunkettEmma Plunkett is a London born and educated artist, independent video maker and designer. Emma’s art has branched out over the years to include stoneware clay sculptures, cyanotype prints, watercolours, oils, poetry, photographic montages, video art, illustrations and vector designs. Emma is technically minded and passionately creative. She is primarily interested in being completely consumed by the artistic process. Her work is autobiographical – she expresses her feelings and her observations of everyday life, while portraying form and composition with clarity.

At the core of Emma Plunkett’s work is the female. Not feminine or politicised. Whether it be a disappearing view of trees into the Spanish horizon, a slithering viscous ceramic or a candid nude. It is always individual and genuine. This we must celebrate.” Curator – Gareth Lister

Her characteristic witty surrealist style celebrates the female form, very often in movement – dance or performance.” SaloArte

Emma’s work is very personal and great, elaborated with great mastery and feeling.” Rafael Vílchez, Ideal

Ian Rutter from Talk Radio Europe interviewed Emma for his talk-show, Life Stories. The show was aired on the 3rd December 2017. Listen to Emma speak about some of her life.

Creative Intention

Emma sometimes feels like a slave to the creative urge. In her experience, when a piece wants to come into existence there is no point in fighting or denying it. However, it sometimes takes a certain amount of courage to allow the art be whatever it wants to be.

Emma values her direct experiences, reflecting her environment and emotions. She often starts with abstract or surreal doodling, which helps her to access her subconscious – she loves to be surprised by what comes out! Making art makes her happy, it’s also a journey – it’s only by completing her artwork chronologically that a subsequent piece can embody what she has learned.


Emma studied art for 6 years, straight from school. She gained A levels in ceramics and art, a diploma in general art and design from Amersham college F.E. and Ba (Hons) Fine Art from East London University. Throughout her adult life, Emma’s been a regular at ceramic evening classes. She’s completed various short courses to do with editing, animation, storytelling and filmmaking. She’s accomplished with Adobe creative suite.


Emma was Chair of her local artists’ group, Artists’ Network Alpujarra, when they had nearly 50 members. She helped artists to make their work more visible through exhibitions and SEO. Her roles also include communication, project managing, organising exhibitions, managing the website, marketing and keeping a database of artists.

Video work

Emma has worked throughout London and Europe, as a VJ (video projection artist). From the early analogue days, transitioning through to the digital age. She went by her given name of Miss Plunkett and had way too much fun mixing her videos live at all the big night clubs in London, as well at festivals, concerts, art events and for theatre. She taught video at Four Corners, London and she worked as a senior video technician at the London Filmmakers Co-op (The Lux). More recently she has taken her animation and film making skills into more formal work arenas – films for websites and films for conferences. The most noteworthy of which being for Acompalia, Siemens FS, VSO, Morley College and The Miscarriage Association – her animation was runner up in the UK 2017 charity film awards.


Before the pandemic Emma’s art was a regular at the Kitty Harri sculpture garden and other temporary exhibitions around Granada, Spain. She writes a blog and also a free weekly art newsletter to communicate information about up coming exhibitions,  juicy details about her creative journey and to show you her latest creations. You can view her portfolio on her art gallery page. You can purchase the licenses to use her art for commercial and non commercial projects and buy digital downloads of images you can print yourself.

Emma Plunkett’s Curiculum

May 2021Centre Cívic Can Castelló

Solo exhibition

Dec 2019Esperanza – Órgiva

ANA group exhibition

Sept 2019Mutaciones – Salobreña

group art expo

Sept 2019Pintura Rapida – Granada

Art contest and exhibition organised by Caja Granada foundation.

Aug 2019Tierra Frágil – Órgiva

ANA group art exhibition

Aug 2019Pop-Up Polopos

Dutch reality TV stars staged an art walk in Polopos, Spain.

May 20194 Person Art Exhibition – Vélez

Group art exhibition at the Jardín Nazarí, Vélez de Benaudalla, Spain.

May 2019Dialogos – Molvizar

Group art exhibition, Molvizar, Granada, Spain.

April 2019Muestra Artistas de Veleños

Group art exhibition for the cultural week at the Jardín Nazarí, Vélez de Benaudalla, Spain.

April 2019Spring, Wildlife, Human Nature – Salobreña

El Casino, Salobreña, Spain

April 2019New and Old – Órgiva

ANA group exhibition Órgiva, Granada, Spain

Feb 2019El color de los sueños – Vélez

A group art exhibition by Artists’ Network Alpujarra. Jardin Nazari, Vélez de Benaudalla, Granada, Spain

Nov 2018Hot Winter Show – Órgiva

Órgiva art scene – ANA group show

July 2018VII Expo Nazari – Vélez

Vélez de Benaudalla, Granada, Spain – three day town show.

June 2018ANA Spring Show – Órgiva

Group exhibition. Órgiva, Spain.

April 2018Ceramiq – Órgiva
A cyanotype exhibition.
Nov – Dec 2017La Azucarer – Motril
Emma organised an exhibition for 50 artists!
Aug – Nov 2017La Botíca – Salobreña
Exhibition in a restaurant.
Oct 2017University of Granada
One day lecture to give the students an idea of what life is like being a professional artist.
Aug 20174 Artists – Jardín Nazarí, Velez de Benaudalla
Mix Amylo, ClaraBaza, Emma Plunkett and Beatrice Constán, group show organised my Emma.
July 2017Plunkett vs. Morego – Jardin Nazari
2 artists in a beautiful big historic building, battling it out in a duel of artistic expression. Organiser and exhibiter.
June 2017Rogue Gallery – Glastonbury Festival
An art gallery situated in the circus and theatre space at Glastonbury festival, dedicated to art with an aerial theme.
May 2017PINK – ANA Art Exhibition – Vélez
Unlike the title suggests, this was not a soft feminine affair. This was a strong, brave and interesting show of PINK, held in the Jardin Nazari of Vélez de Benaudalla, Granada, Spain. I was co organiser and exhibitor.
April 20179th Annual Competa Art Walk
38 artists in a range of alternative and gallery spaces opened up to the public around the picturesque village of Competa in Malaga province.
Feb 2017Impresiónes – ANA Group Print Show
Mixed group art print show in Órgiva, with my art group – Artists Network Alpujarra. Organiser and exhibiter.
October 2016University of Granada
A one day visiting lecturer, showing films and talking about the importance of art and my art film career. See film.
October 2016Art Day Málaga
One day, group art demonstration in Barrio Picasso, Málaga. See film.
October 2016ANA Las Torcas
Artists’ Network Alpujarra inaugural group art exhibition with 17 artists. Tablones, near Orgiva. See the film. Organiser and exhibiter.
June 2016Casa de Cultura, La Caleta
End of year ceramic class group show
2016SaloArte 2016
Annual group exhibition in the Museum of Salobreña.
May – Sept 2016La Botíca
Solo and group show, restaurant in Salobreña old town.
May 2015 – 2020El Casino – Salobreña
Group exhibitions in the old town of Salobreña, Granada, Spain
October 2015Sala Vimaambi
Solo show of flamenco dancers in the Albycin Granada, Spain. Organiser and exhibiter.
July 2015The Incredible Exploding Pommegranate
Group art show split ver two venues, El Casino, Salobreña and La Conca Arts Club, Chite, Spain.
Nov 2015 – July 2020Kitty Harri Sculpture Garden – Jete
150 sculpture set in fantastic tropical gardens in Southern Spain.
Nov 2015 – ongoingMuseo de Aceite – Vélez
Flamenco themed exhibition in the olive oil museum of Vélez de Benaudalla, Granada, Spain.
2015SaloArte 2015
Annual group exhibition in Salobreña.
June 2015Casa de Cultura, La Caleta
End of year ceramic class group show.
April 2015Casa de Cultura, Velez de Benaudalla
One woman show of original cyanotype prints, Vélez de Benaudalla Cultural week. Organiser and exhibiter.
2014 – 2020Cortijo Romero – Órgiva
Gallery gift shop of local artists, Spain
2014 – 2016El Secreto Del Olivo
Work on display in a beautiful old Spanish style boutique hotel / restaurant in Niguelas, Granada.
July 2014SaloArte 2014
Mixed group show in a beautiful shabby chic old house.
June 2014Casa de Cultura, La Caleta
End of year ceramic class group show.
June 2014La Fabula at La Finca
A group show in the beautiful surrounds of La Finca Del Castillo Arabe, Granada. Featuring the culinary delights of master chef Ishmael Delgado.
Feb 2014Sand Pit Club – Chite
A groups show about love.
Feb 2014Cafe Teatro El Jardin – Granada
A solo exhibition for St. Valentines day.
Dec 2013Órgiva Old Town Hall
Group art exhibtion
August 2013El Rincon – Alqueria de los Lentos
Group show in a beautiful garden setting in Spain
June 2013Casa de Cultura, La Caleta
End of year ceramic class group show
May 2013Arte de lo Pequeño – Salobreña, Spain
Organizer and exhibitor, open group show for 25 artists.
2012 - 2013La Galería de Arte Cartel – Granada, Spain
Set of sculptures on display in commercial gallery.
2012Salo Arte – Salobreña, Spain
Group show in the atmospheric 10th century Moorish castle.
2012Sala de Exposiones – Salobreña, Spain.
Mujeres Encendidas - Women Alight - 4 women show. Organiser and exhibitor.
2011 - 2012Indigo Interiors – La Herradura, Spain
Exhibition in interior design shop.
2011Taller de Arte Vimaambi – Granada, Spain
Solo show - in the beautiful and ancient Moorish neighbourhood of the Albayzin.
2010Nerja Festival of Arts – Spain
Annual art fare in the Sala de Exposiones.
2009 - 2011Galería Manzanilla – Órgiva, Spain
Mixed show of various artists, ongoing changing exhibition in commercial gallery.
2009 - 2011Galería Visión Natural – La Caleta, Spain
Exhibition of canvas prints, sculptures and watercolours in art gallery of Eduardo Cruz Casanova.
1999Hoxton Square Gallery – London
Group show alongside artists such as Cornelia Parker.
1996 - 1997Gallery 5 – Portobello, London
Mixed show in commercial gallery
1995Stones In Her Pockets – Touring Exhibition, UK
Women artists group show, NEC Birmingham among other places.
1994The Drill Hall – London
Solo show of cyanotype prints
1994The Princes Trust – London
Received a grant and they purchased a painting for their private collection
1991Fresh Art – Business design centre, London
Selected art graduates
1990Air Gallery – London
2nd year degree, group show
Dec 2020Story Telling For Social Change

Online course, University of Michigan

2017 – ongoingMoho Studio Pro
Animation software. Udemy courses and self learning.
2016 - ongoingSpanish
One to one language lessons.
2014 - ongoingFinal Cut Pro X
Video editing software. Self learning.
2013 - ongoingCeramics
Evening classes.
2012 - ongoingAdobe Illustrator
Self taught.
1997Kingsway College – London
Premiere editing course.
1997Connections – London
Video training course in Hammersmith. Covering front end maintenance of equipment plus film making techniques and avid editing.
1996 - ongoingPhotoshop
Self taught.
1989 - 1991BA (Hons) Fine Art – University of East London
Specialising in painting, projection, installation, film and photography. Was NELP (North East London Polytechnic)
1987 - 1989B/TEC Diploma in General Art & Design – Amersham College F.E.
Best course I ever did! I specialised in fine art painting after completing terms in sculpture, textiles, graphic design, print making, fashion and illustration.
March 2017International Citizens Services (ICS)
A film commissioned by ICS for International woman's day. The Service Coop contracted me to illustrate and animate this poem – The Women's Public Service Announcement
Dec 2016ICS (International Citizens Services, UK)
The Date Tree – illustrated and animated by Emma Plunkett for The Service Coop.
June 2016Morley College
Creating the phonemic alphabet and styling for an educational film.
July 2016Miscarriage Association
Commissioned by The Service Coop to create stop frame illustrations for the hotline awareness film. Nominated for the charity film awards 2018.
April 2015VSO
In house video production
Sept 2014VSO
Creating original films for the fundraising department. Getting each team to make up a dance and tell secrets. They got the funding they were applying for.
2013Gallery Sala Parpello in Valencia, Spain
Editor for PaSEaR by Charley Case, projected installation commissioned by the gallery Sala Parpello in Valencia, Spain.
2011 - 2016The Pocket Oxford Theatre Company – Spain
Documenting and editing a three minute web film for each play devised by creative director Mr Teds.
2011Angus Watt Artists Film – UK
Created a film for international artist Angus Watt, which tells the story of his history of his vast flag installations in the landscape.
2008 - 2009Mighty Sounds Festival – Czech Republic
Provided equipment, installation and visuals with live cameras, for all the bands on the second stage.
2007Non Stop Festival – Poland
Provided visuals and live mixing for Nick Hollywood's Freshley Squeezed DJ set in Wrockslaw town square.
2007Rocket Festival – Spain
Provided all video equipment, managing VJ's, main dance tent. VJ with Pendulum.
2006Love Music Hate Racism – Trafalgar Sq. London
VJ'ed with Punkvert crew to various bands on daylight LED screens in front of 40,000 crowd.
2006 - 2007Órgiva Feria – Spain
Provided visuals and equipment for the town fare dance area.
2005Gypsy Film Festival – Granada, Spain
Runner up prize for El Afilador a short film about a knife sharpener and the Buddhist principle of non attachment, commissioned by Suzy Jones.
2005Rocket Festival – Spain
Provided a dance area in a 11m dome, Tribal Funk founder, organiser, VJ.
2004Rocket Festival – Spain
Co-created and managing the Tribal Funk dance space, providing live video and art installation in 11 meter dome.
2004Supper Club – Amsterdam
VJ show in the amazing artist run eatery and club space.
2003 - 2005Discoteccas – Costa Del Sol, Spain
VJing around Purto Banus, Marbella, Malaga, Torremolinos at various venues such as Pacha, Malibu House Club, Cream, Colonials, Locos, Passión, la Notte, Bedrock.
2003 - 2008The Dragon Festival – Spain
Provided the Tribal Funk dance area, with visuals, art installation and performance. Duties include managing finances, structure, bar and staff. Provided visuals for other sound systems. Realised that where my freedom starts, another persons ends, so I could not support the festival in this form. This free festival was in the wrong location causing suffering to neighbours, noise pollution, looting, a danger for access, raw sewage on footpaths and litter.
2003 - 2006Tribal Funk – Spain
Co-creator and event organiser of mobile dance space in 11m dome. Providing live video, performance art and installation.
2003 - 2006Opera 4 – Granada, Spain
Resident VJ at 4 star hotel Vincii night club.
2002Manumission – Ibiza
Theatre show with VJing, trapeze and pyrotechnics,
2002Mipenas Festival – Spain
Vjing in main dance tent
2002Robodock Festival – Amsterdam
Theatre show with VJing, trapeze and pyrotechnics at the notorious ADM squatted ship yard.
2000 - 2001The Vibe Bar – London
Resident VJ, providing equipment and live visuals.
2000 - 2001Fabric – London
Resident VJ in the main dance area every Saturday night.
2000 - 2001The Royal Vauxhall Tavern – London
Stars up your Arse - Providing video back drops and VJing for award winning alternative cabaret star Mr Teds
2000The Eurpean Drum & Bass Convention – France
VJing at the Monastery of Sound in Normandy.
1999 - 2000The Lux – London
Video and gallery technician at the former London Film makers co-op and LEA (London Electronic Arts).
1999 - 2001Femi-9 Product – London
I was guest VJ at Funk Cutters all girl VJ and DJ monthly club nights in various venues, men were welcome to perform in drag.
1999 - 2000Warps 1 to 9 – London
Providing all video and slide equipment, live VJing, and art installations in main dance area at the egendary Drome in London Bridge. London's first alternative indoor festival.
1998 - 2000Notting Hill Arts Club – London
VJ with the band Colien
1998 - 2001Omsk – London
VJ at various alternative art events.
1996Portobello Film Festival – London
Two films rated and screened. Documented festival.
1996Four Corners – London
Teaching video to tower hamlets teenagers.
1996The Big Chill – UK
Video projections in chill out tent.
1996Sonar Festival – Barcelona, Spain
VJ - my first live mixing of visuals to the Liberator crew.
1995 - 2002Night Life – London
Vjing at the Paradise bar, Union Chapel, The Foundry, Aquarium, Bagleys, The Spitz, 333 Club, Turnmills, Tardis Studios, Royal Vauxhall Tavern, Megatripolis, Plastic People, Heaven, SW1 Club, The Water Rats, The Garage, Slime Light, Absinthe official launch parties, Agent Provocateur party, Big Audio Dynamite parties, Camden Parkway Cinema - squat party, West London heliport - squat party, The Lux gallery, The Tabernacle - Portobello, Tyssen Street Studios, The Drome - Warp 1 - 9, Drome Zone. Tip records parties, Dragon Fly Parties, Subliminal Psychedelia, D-fuse parties.


Emma enjoys taking risks – even if it means ruining a perfectly good piece, just to see what happens next. She is confident in her approach and does not pin herself down to any one style, though she will work in series and develop technically coherent bodies of work. She mostly uses a limited palette of turquoise, magenta and lemon yellow, using a mixture of palette knives, rags and brushes. She sometimes focuses on set ideas, and other times she starts off with complete abstraction, building up an underpainting with random marks… letting it evolve, uncontrived. With this approach, and with turning the canvas round and round, the painting will eventually remind her of something personal. Then she will either create or retrieve reference material from her archive, or paint from memory to bring out the shapes.

Emma plunkett artists with her erotic stoneware sculpture


Emma tends to works mostly in stoneware clay, because of its durability – and plus it can go outside. She prefers to model and build up her sculptures, rather than carve them down. Sometimes it can take a while for the character or shape to emerge and she has to just keep on sculpting without a clue as to what it is she is making – she has learned to trust this process though. She tunes into what she’s doing 100%, listening to the artwork and being aware of the next step to act on – it’s like a dialogue. Sometimes a drastic thought will enter her mind – like, “Go on – break it’s head off, you know you can do it better.” And she does – unafraid to follow the cues.


Emma draws upon her deep knowledge of experimental film-making to bring fresh looking (yet well-tested) ideas to her commissioned short films. She makes films for web, films for conferences, and also stop frame and vector animation. She creates her visual palette from scratch, developing unique characters and graphics, working with actors to recreate realistic movements in her animations and filming around on location. Film-making is like a whole language for her, where she can communicate ideas clearly, even when layering up images. She works with musical composers when commissioning original soundtracks.

Emma films and projects all her own clips and loops when live video mixing (VJing) at festivals and events. She can personalise a show and also write and mix in “stream of consciousness” poetry. When the music is good, the visuals just flow out. Emma provides and sets up all the equipment needed for a video show.

She uses Modul8 for VJing, Final Cut Pro X for editing and Moho Studio Pro for animating. She uses a Canon 70D and Panasonic HS900 for shooting RAW and HD.

Miss Plunkett VJ
Heart Chandelier vector art by Emma Plunkett


Design is a good creative discipline for Emma, because it means she has to rise to the challenge of interpreting someone else’s ideas. To do this, she listens to the brief… gets to know who and what it’s for, and thinks deeply about what it is they need from her, what she can give extra. She gives each design her own unique flourish. She gets a buzz from sharing her creativity with other people, and seeing it embellish their lives and businesses. Repeat patterns, illustrations, graphic design, typography, animated titles and logos are all very practical applications for art, which enrich all levels of everyday life.

Art Heroes

Laurie Anderson is Emma’s biggest artistic influence, the content of her art is so intimate and her multimedia installations have moved Emma to tears in the past (even though she hates crying in public). Emma loves Helen Chadwick’s art (RIP). She respects the way Helen expressed her femininity in such unusual ways – like her flower arrangements of male genitalia – and Helen brought a lot of chocolate into galleries with her chocolate fountains. Cornelia Parker’s artwork is sheer poetry to Emma’s soul. The way she captures intense moments or thoughts about life, brings shivers to her just thinking about it! For example, the smell and feeling of Cornelia’s exploded chapel, with all the pieces of burnt wood suspended in mid air… or her framed book of the London A–Z, with a hole burnt right through the open pages of central London.

Emma Plunkett