The historic building of the Nazari gardens in Vélez de Benaudalla will host this art exhibition by 4 artists, which promises to be more than just a show from a woman’s stance. You can expect to experience art that is both bold yet intimate and intricate, that moves you and expresses how you feel. Different styles and materials bring about each of the artists diverse subject matters, which are either an artistic response or a reflection of life, from the feminine perspective.

Mix is an artist of profound depths. Clara creates powerful and vivid paintings. Beatriz creates swirling textile art and Emma paints whatever she feels like at the time.

These four women artists all have their studios in the Granada province and know each other through the various art events that they all participate in. They have been collected together, this time, by Emma because she loves their work and she wants to share it with everyone. will receive 10% of all sales!

Take advantage of the free entrance into the spectacular Nazari gardens from 9–10pm on the opening night only. Entrance to the gardens is 3€ all other times. Please state at the door if you have come for free entrance to see the exhibition only.