I was thinking about you, while painting in my new art studio, in Barcelona – so I switched the camera on for you. Now you can listen to some painting tips and hear my thoughts, as I let you accompany me during my creative process. I work fast with small brushes, gradually mixing and applying many tones made from a limited palette of oil paint – Alizarin crimson, Ultramarine and Cadmium lemon, plus black and white.

Like a podcast

This is the type of video you can listen to in the background while you are doing something else and just look up occasionally to see where I’m at – you know, like as if we’re mates working next to each other. I manage to witter on throughout most of the first video – talking about the painting (techniques, thoughts and intentions), art in general and whatever pops into my head that I think you might find informative. Oh yeah and I know, I call my palette knife an easel at one point – mistakes do happen!

The consequences of using new technology

I’ve got a brand new phone and I’ve been pleasantly surprised at just how good the video and audio quality is – even though I mumble sometimes. Give me a shout in the comments (with the timecode) if there’s anything you can’t hear properly and I’ll let you know what I was saying. So, my new technology is opening me up to new video endeavours!

Time-lapse of me painting

A title can give art more meaning

This painting will probably end up being titled something like Heavenly Creatures or The Three Graces, unless you can help me come up with something a little more original?

Introvert and extrovert

I’m alone for hours on end in the art studio and I’m quite the contented introvert when I work. I prefer to discuss my art once it is finished, when it’s on public display, when I’m feeling extroverted, relaxed and cannot do anything about it. So just to let you know, I’m not looking for any critiques at this time, because I do not want to be influenced by what anyone else has to say about what I should do – not until the painting is finished and then I can take what you say and keep it in mind when I do the next painting. Or, even better, if you feel inspired, get your paints out and take over from where I leave off!

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