I will be hosting an artists’ talk on Tuesday 10th December from 6–8pm at the Old Town Hall in Órgiva. I want to share with you the real stories behind the art – the struggles that the artists went through in order to bring their pieces into being. We will talk to the artists (who are present in the gallery) about their work, their inspirations and disappointments. I want you to get used to the idea of the reality and work that goes into the making of the art, that’s it’s not just about relaxing and the work becoming pretty straight away. I want you to get the full picture of the process and the fury that brought the art into existence. I want you to wonder, that even though it is easier sometimes to just abandon it when the going gets tough, what makes the artists keep going?

Why do we bother making art?

Don’t let me put you off, the end results are worth it and incredibly rewarding, that’s why so many people do it. I’m telling you this, so when you come to make some art yourself, there will be no illusion about what it takes. You are supposed to overcome yourself and take scary risks – this is the journey the artist has to be prepared to make.

So come and listen to some real examples of the life of an artist!

Opening times

The show continues until the 21st December.

Sunday and Monday closed.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 5 – 8.30pm
Thursday and Saturday: 11 – 2pm


You can find this exhibition upstairs at Old Town Hall in Órgiva.