This is a video of a beautiful, non sexualised, wholesome and artistic female nude. However, Youtube has deemed the video only to be visible to users who are logged in, are over 18 years of age or have Restriction Mode disabled.


The visual content is made from a bunch of photographs that I took of a nude model, using the panoramic function on my camera phone. I then edited 43 of them together, so they slide smoothly above and below one another. The audio content is of light scraping noises that I recorded and layered together along with a little spoken word, “Permission to stare, look at her deformities, she doesn’t exist, she’s not real, you can’t experience this flesh, except with your eyes, you can see her, you can look, she’s perfect!”

About the video art

The figure sometimes smiles at you but mostly she engages in her dance. I’m deliberately crossing the line of freak show – and you are the voyeur! I want you to look. This is one of those times you are given permission to stare at dysmorphic features.

This video is about our perceptions of deformities, especially about how we perceive our own bodies – dysmorphic disorder. I want to get across the notion that the parts of our bodies that we deem the worst are actually the parts that are worth celebrating the most because they are what set us apart and make us more captivating and ultimately, more loveable. It takes guts to accept ourselves and each other in all our flawed beauty!

Exhibition requirements

Ideally, I would show this video in art gallery, where it is acceptable to stare at a naked woman. I would like this video to be projected directly on a concrete wall, from floor to ceiling, within the industrial setting. I want the viewer to chance upon this video in a semi enclosed dark space, so they get a little shock and wow factor when they turn the corner.