This was the best event I have ever organised. Classical music, with aerial artists and tons of art, all in stunning architecture. I want to do more events in this style. The Chamber Players added a really beautiful soundtrack to the proceedings with Nick Tasker on his home made harpsichord, two violinist and a flutist. The aerial life drawing club, which Sebastian Lowsley-Williams brought into the gallery, was also another added dimension with Sophie, Tessa and Siobhan as living art and all the people sketching them around. The secretary from Acompalia said to me, “Spanish people are not used to events like this.” and I replied, “Neither are the foreigners!”

Chamber Players

Some photos by James Fox

Opening times: 25th November – 16th December, Wednesday to Saturdays, 7–10pm

Closing Night Party – 16th December from 7–11pm

Wazifa Reggae funk, soul and rock’n’roll
Xian-Ra! funky fusion avant-garde

Leave yourself plenty of time to take in the art, as it is a good exhibition with lots going on.

La azucarera 2017 music nights


Address: Calle Azucarera de San Fernando, 6, Motril, Granada

The Sugar Factory is on the road that goes from Alcampo, uphill towards the hospital. The entrance is through the Azucarera Restaurant, round the back from Calle Azucarera de San Fernando. Parking is on the street.