Saturday 30th November from 8pm, sees the opening of yet another group art exhibition in the old town hall of Órgiva. Organised by the dynamic team, Artists’ Network Alpujarra (a 50 strong membership of international artists) that gives a platform to local artists to reach out and show off what they do. The artwork is very different from the last show, with a powerful leaning towards 3D work this time. Everyone is welcome and there will be wine and refreshments.

The exhibition continues until the 21st December.

Opening times:
Sunday and Monday closed.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 7–8.30 pm
Thursday and Saturday: 11–2 pm

Esperanza Means Hope

I have submitted 12 pieces that are either brand new or have never been exhibited in Órgiva before. With the theme of “Hope”, some of my work responds to this and some of it is a broader interpretation.

A Word From The Curator

Gareth Lister has curated the show and brings even more intrigue and surprise to the pieces by the way he displays them. He says,

Hope, or ‘Esperanza’ as this show is called, expresses a desire to cherish anticipation. The creation of art is intrinsically hopeful. From the beginning of an idea, there is
hope. Through the initial stages and on to completion, hope. There is hope that the work will be well-received and appreciated.

There is hope, too, from the viewer – perhaps that the artist has achieved their hope. A hope that ‘I’, the viewer, can ‘understand’ – or simply a hope to see more.

This exhibition came about as a natural progression to our last exhibition, ‘Tierra Fragil’ (Fragile Earth), in which many of our artists expressed the real and present danger to our world. There would be no expression unless we had hope that change is possible.

Art Talk

I will be holding an artist’s talk on the 10th December from 6pm. I plan to prize open some of the artists present and extract the deeper stories behind their art. I am nosey and love other people’s creativity, so I aim to stimulate a conversation about selected pieces – such as what technical difficulties they faced and other perhaps even spiritual challenges that helped bring the work into being.


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Poster design by Deo Rajinder
Poster photograph by Carolyn Aigner