There is an incredibly diverse and high level of artwork in this Esperanza group art exhibition, in Orgiva. I was astonished to see how my friend’s and my art has improved over the last 3 years since being members of Artists’ Network Alpujarra (ANA). We are attracting new members who are making us look even more exciting and old members who are improving in ways of development, delivery, impact, confidence and viability of their work! It’s so much fun to play with them all.

My 12 very different pieces of my art

I will go into more detail about each piece in my forthcoming weekly art newsletters.

It’s good for the soul of an artist to be among their kind

It feels to me, in the last 3 years of being an active member of ANA, that we are all reaping the rewards of socialising and exhibiting together. One of our members said he’d not been in such a community since leaving art college. While we encourage each other, we’re also pulling each other along and generally inspiring each other by sharing what we have achieved in the solitude of our art studios.

The atmosphere at the opening night

It was packed and the classical music provided by Nick Tasker and his musicians was the perfect accompaniment for viewing art.

It’s wonderful to be able to invite people to come and see such an array of art. Exhibited works include: traditional paintings, photographs, 3D work and light installations.

Artists’ work


Gareth Lister‘s 3 meter long paper piece called Socrates’ Cat, with meticulously drawn poisonous botanicals under smeared walnut stains that loosely invoke the shapes of cats. The concept being all about the brink of death, with hints to Schrodinger’s cat and Socrates’s suicide.

Sebastian Lowsley-Williams slender seascape oil painting

Sebastian Lowsely-Williams has painted a knock out super slender seascape in oils, which is sublimely executed.

Jo Chipchase and Azzi Shanahan art

Jo Chipchase has nailed down a series of 6 mountain sunrises, in sepia tones, with carefully composed, rustic, silhouetted foregrounds. Azzi Shanahan‘s huge mandalas have taken another step towards even more intricacy and psychedelic colour.

To see more photos read the Artists’ Network Alpujarra exhibition review.

Opening times

The show continues until the 21st December in the Old Town Hall in Órgiva.

Sunday and Monday closed.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 5 – 8.30pm
Thursday and Saturday: 11 – 2pm