The Colour of dreaming

This is a group art exhibition organised by Maxine Friday and Klaus Schumacher for Artists’ Network Alpujarra. The show has been curated by one of the artists. 18 artists from various nationalities come together to put on a show that will entice, repel and wow you.

Dates: 22nd Feb – 24th March

Venue: Sala de Exposiciones, Jardin Nazari, Vélez de Benaudalla, Granada, Spain.

The opening times: These can be found on the Nazari garden’s website. The gardens are closed for siesta, though it’s worth getting there early to make a day of it and visit the gardens and the show together.

These are the pieces I have in the show

The flower painting

painting of lilies by Emma Plunkett

This flower painting is titled Wedding rejects. It is a painting that reflects the fact that it’s sometimes just not possible to invite everyone to a wedding. And also in this case, lilies are just not considered the traditional wedding flower, they are more for funerals. So the story goes – I made all the bouquets for the wedding of my sister and then I arranged these left overs in my mothers vase, with some ivy I had picked locally. The trailing ivy kept taking my eye and after a few days of observing them I decided to paint them. I’m glad I did because now I feel I can paint trailing ivy on other things, like my friends leg in a plaster cast!

Girl in river

She’s nonchalantly pulling on her sock, making the shape of a flamingo and was titled “Flamingo” as she stands on one leg but now I’m just calling her Girl in river. She is balanced and confident in the loosely painted, running water. Though she wasn’t originally in the water, she was to one side, I placed her in this more precarious position using photoshop! The background water is painted in lush watery tones and I think the figure might get a bit of a repaint at some point to match the looseness of the water, unless someone buys her first!

Flamenco dancer

flamenco dancer oil paint

This is my first attempt at a flamenco dancer in oils. I have been quite rehearsed in painting flamenco dancers in watercolours and it was a new experience to paint one in oils – which I really enjoyed. She is wearing her wild red dress and her dark skin disappears into the night. She is available to buy on my web shop.


I made this stoneware sculpture during an art demonstration at The Kitty Harri Sculpture Garden. I was surrounded by visitors and artists from many different nationalities, all dotted in and around the gardens. I feel that the piece has taken on the elements from the different cultures present, and incorporated them into itself. The middle-eastern slipper, the Dutch clog, a Viking boat, and there’s even a whiff of a genie’s lamp – all tied together in the form of a bird. The title Migration is a reflection of that beautiful mixed pocket of international tones, also to the fact that birds have no geographical borders, and have the freedom to fly where they like. This piece is available to buy in my web shop.

Photos from the exhibition

The venue is a beautifully restored Moorish building, with spot lighting in the exhibition hall. It’s an excellent venue to have a group show.

If you would like to see photos of the other artists work and read my review of the whole exhibition, please visit the Artists’ Network Alpujarra website.