Aug 12 – Sept 10

Presenting to you the highly original and personal artwork of Mix Amylo, Beatriz Constán, ClaraBaza and me, Emma Plunkett. Mix is an artist who draws from of profound depths. Clara creates powerful and vivid paintings. Emma, well I paint whatever I feel like at the time and Beatriz creates swirling textile art.

Emma Plunkett, Beatriz constan, Mix Amylo and ClaraBaza

Photos from the opening night!

Visitors were looking deeply into each piece of art, in an evening filled with the scent of jasmine. The artworks are set off beautifully in the historic building of the Jardin Nazari. Delicious organic wine flowed, thanks to Alberto from La Torcas, Tablones.


Opening Times

Opening night: Sat. 12th Aug 9pm-10:3opm
Aug 12 – Sept 10, Wednesday-Saturdays 10.30am – 1.30pm & 6.30pm – 9.30pm, Sundays and Monday 10.30am-1.30pm.
Jardin Nazari, C/ Blas Infante, Vélez de Benaudalla, Granada.


Please refer to the official website for the correct opening times:

Four dedicated artists

So many artists have tons of their work tucked up away in their studios where no one can view it. The shows I’m putting on are about reaching out to artists and art lovers alike, to come together and enjoy more of what we’ve been creating and hopefully also to find out more about the person and the story behind the art.

Us four artists all have our studios in the Granada province and know each other through the various art events that we all participate in. I have collected these artists all together because I love their work and I want to share it with you. will receive 10% of all sales!

Take advantage of the free entrance into the spectacular Nazari gardens from 9–10pm on the opening night only. Entrance to the gardens is 3€ all other times. Please state at the door if you have come for free entrance to see the exhibition only.

About the artists:

Emma Plunkett
Emma is London born and educated, she has a Ba (Hons) in fine art from 1991. She is a practising contemporary fine artist, videographer and designer.

Emma specialises in stoneware sculptures, cyanotype prints, watercolours, oil paintings, poetry, photographic montages, illustrations and vector designs. She is an independent film maker and has also previously worked intensively as a VJ (video projection artist) under the name Miss Plunkett. Emma’s work is uplifting and expresses something beyond words.

“Her characteristic witty surrealist style celebrates the female form, very often in movement – dance or performance.” SaloArte.

“Emma’s work is very personal and great, elaborated with great mastery and feeling.” Rafael Vílchez, Ideal

Emma-Plunkett watercolour portrait of ClaraBaza

Beatriz Constán
Beatriz is born and educated in Motril. She studied at the School of Art and Design specialising in tapestries and carpets.

She creates textile pieces, reinterpreting classic fabrics with a new experimental language. Her interest is in the process of recycling materials and textiles, rediscovering and decomposing them to add a different value. Through different textile techniques, natural fabrics and fibres, textures and colours, her concern is looking for beauty. Tradition, experimentation and the recovery of materials is the basis of Beatriz work.


Mix Amylo
Mix Amylo is an artist, musician, composer and writer, from London but based in Órgiva, who creates personal dreamscapes, finding strange beauty in dark place. She explores memory, dream, parallel worlds, doorways, openings and weaves eroticism, angst and human frailty into a detailed black and white surrealism. She is interested in moments, feelings, thoughts, what lingers, the residue from night splinters, and capturing the subconscious. Her work expresses an inner life, a solitude, and an escape from reality, using drawing, painting and installation.

Mix has studied in art colleges in Florence, London, Cyprus and Barcelona, and has exhibited in Spain, Italy, France and England.

Mix Amylo Art, Through Everything

Originally from Scotland, ClaraBaza moved to Spain in 1990, which is when and where she found her creative place in the world. She had always squirrelled away things that could be transformed into something pleasing and as a result has made everything from jewellery, collages, mobiles, to transforming furniture.

Then one day she discovered gourds or calabazas. This is what got her hooked into the idea that she could make a living from being creative. Clara worked within a cooperative in Frigiliana, making everything from boxes and lamps to exotic birds, all using the body of a gourd for the main shape of the object. She subsequently moved to Orgiva, where she continued her speciality of working with gourds.

During 2012 Clara moved into a house in the campo and as a result of not being able to set up her gourd elaboration studio, she bought some paints and a couple of canvases and as a result she has not stopped painting since.