A picture frame sets off a painting – taking it away from the ordinary and presenting it as extraordinary. The main function of a frame is to protect the work of art, though it also gives the artwork space to breathe and leads the viewer’s eye in.

Picture frames are often decorative and expensive, so the very act of putting something in a frame elevates it status. A frame makes you look at a piece of art differently because you know that whatever is in there, someone has given it thought, made it meaningful and thus has raised its value.

A good picture frame indicates that you mean business, that you want to convey how much the content means to you, it says, “This is what I value, this is my taste!”

Thank you to everyone who has framed my paintings over the years.

If you want, I can now undertake the framing of my paintings for you.

Picture frame styles

I can supply simple dark or light coloured wooden frames (that reveal the painted sides of the canvas), ornate dark wooden frames and ornate gold picture frames. Contact me for prices. (Frame prices vary depending on the style and size and may also increase shipping costs.)