This video is an edit of all the aerial drawing club clips, performed by Myriada – Art in Movement. The event took place at La Fábrica Azucarera Nuestra Señora del Pilar, Motril. It was part of an art exhibition of 50 artists organised by me, Emma Plunkett in aid of

Three aerial artists, Tessa Cardona, Sophie Paulding and Siobhan P, collaborated with the painter Sebastian Lowsley-Williams and together, inspired by Airetiko aerial life drawing workshops, have formed this dynamic group.

Gracing Danger is best described as action drawing with aerial artists. Viewers were invited to witness the process of this work in progress, which took place three Saturday evenings of the exhibition. Their work involves the aerial artists slowing down their moves for Sebastian to draw, as they explore the themes; grace, danger, vulnerability and strength, climbing, falling and perfect balance. As such they can be seen as living sculptures.

Siobhan says, “In my work I am fascinated with showing and performing the duality of my strength and vulnerability. I want you to see how hard my muscles are working, but I need you to see also how easy it would be for me to fall.”

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