How to create a WordPress blog post


It’s wise to blog about something you know well and or do regularly. I usually write about topics that a lot of people ask me about. It demonstrates there is a demand for the topic and saves time – instead of repeating information over and over. Keeping a blog consolidates your knowledge and it is a resource for keeping your knowledge handy. Use your blog to direct your audience to your sales goals – use a call-to-action button.


Make your images all the same size for ease on the eye – 800 x 500 pixels landscape orientation, preferably optimised for web (KB not MB in file size). This is to cut down the time when visitors are waiting for your site to load. Centre your images. Add the alt text to describe the image – this helps Google to bring your image up in a search. Describe the image as if you were describing it to a blind person.
alt text image
Dot images and videos regularly throughout to break up the written piece.

Image Gallery

how to create a wordpress picture galleryWhen you have more than one image to upload, make a gallery: remember each image needs its own description in the alt text.
Link to the media page, not the attachment page.
Choose how many columns
Size: change to medium, so we can see the images better.

Featured Image

Choose an image that is the strongest, that will entice people to read the post. (1024 x 1024 px)


Choose to put posts under the relevant categories, so your audience can quickly find the info they want. Categories can be subjects like insights, exhibitions or art news.

Yoast SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Scroll down and click edit snippet. This appears in the Google search.
Add Focus Keywords (what you think people may write into a google search)
Go through the analysis list and get some green dots!

Title of Blog

The focus keywords need to be the first thing written in the H1 heading – rather than a flowery heading.

Paragraphs and Titles

You need to put in H2 headings to each paragraph or section, something that tells the visitor what to expect from the information contained in the paragraph before they start to read.

The first paragraph needs to contain the focus keywords and they need to be dotted throughout the body text but not at the expense of or readability of the blog.

Word Count

300 words minimum and 900 maximum!

Internal Page Links

Link to other blog posts, contact page or products.


Giving credit works both ways, you can dip into your affiliates audiences by including their names.

Who wrote the piece?
Who edited the piece?
Who provided the photos?

More Reading

More info here:

Call to Action

Now you have the reader’s attention, what do you want them to do next? Give them one action. Here is my example.

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