When: 31st May—18 June 2021
Inauguration: 3rd June, 6–8.30pm
Where: Civic Centre Can Castello, C. Castello 1–7, Sant Gervasi, Barcelona
Opening times: 10–20.30h Monday to Friday (Free Entrance)

The title of this art exhibition describes my autobiographical method of working. My perception of everyday experiences get formed into memories and (the ones that get replayed most vigorously in my head) eventually get woven into the fabric of my art, by using my imagination – either consciously or unconsciously!

Bring your art loving friends

You are all invited to come along (if you can). The civic centre is set in a beautiful garden with benches. The current restrictions allow up to 20 people inside at a time – no food or drink is allowed to be consumed on the premises. Please let me know if you’d like me to meet you there – in person or by video call? (Contact).

Details about the venue can be found here: https://ajuntament.barcelona.cat/ccivics/cancastello

This is my first exhibition in Barcelona since moving here last year, between lockdowns. You will be able to see some small sculptures and quite a number of my new paintings, ones that I produced during the pandemic restrictions – when the lengthy activity of oil painting kept me sane!

I’m ready to hear some feedback, now that the artwork is safely on gallery the walls (I’ve accepted how it is and I can’t change anything). I’d love to hear the stories you make up about the content and which are your favourite and worst pieces… and why?

I hope that when you see my use of vivid colour and empowered female subjects, it enriches your day and makes you smile!



The gallery space is in the large entrance hall to this building.

El Centre Cívic Can Castelló és un equipament municipal del Districte de Sarrià - Sant Gervasi.