Art demonstration – one day event. Located high up in the beautiful mountains near Jete, in Granada, Spain, lies Kitty’s amazing outside sculpture collection. Everywhere you look is a visual feast. I was lucky enough to be asked to come along with 25 other artists to show our art and demonstrate how we do it.

Below is the story of my experience and below that is a gallery of photos of my work in progress.


I set up a ceramic work table and got stuck right in, barely looking up, I chatted with who ever was passing. I have never done anything like that before and I felt so intimidated, when at first, I wasn’t at all sure of what I was making. The clay looked like a child’s attempts in my hands, for what seemed like ages, before it took any real form.

I soon realised I would put a figure inside a bowl, then the head, arms and torso took shape easily. I struggled with the legs though. At one point it looked like she was sitting in a jacuzzi, at another point it looked like she was giving birth in a birthing pool, she was cross legged for a while too. I just couldn’t figure out what to do with the legs. At this point I realised how handy it was to have lots of people milling around to ask. Luckily Martin Stellar (art coach) was walking by and the mere mention from him about ditching the legs in favour of a fish tail sorted out all my arty problems and off I went, happily in that direction.

After 6 hours of solid work I was hungry and cold and happy that I sold one of my favourite sculptures to a really lovely lady from British Columbia, who I know will really adore it.

I think I will make, the mermaid in a bowl sculpture, a long ceramic stand and she will be high fired, so she can be an outdoor sculpture. (She is finished now and is called Lucy, you can see her here)


The Kitty Harri sculpture garden has changed venue now and it’s still definitely worth a visit. They exhibited a large selection of my sculptures for three years.