London, Paris, New York, Motril!

I hope you have enjoyed the exhibition or if you can’t make it, that you can get an idea of what it was like through these photos and the video. Organising 50 local and international artists to come together in aid of Acompalia hospice charity, in the most beautiful setting, to show their art, wasn’t easy, I can tell you. But it had to be done! The architecture is the kind you normally only find in top city galleries. This 19th century refurbished Sugar Factory is a work of art in itself. The renovations were completed by architect Alberto Martinez, exactly 6 years to the day, of the opening of this exhibition.

Album photos by Jo Chipchase

On entering the building

Guests were greeted by a great cavern of luminous space, filled to the brim with gorgeous original art. Giant flags from UK artist Angus Watt, huge paintings from local Spanish artist José Manuel Haro, sculptures from Canadian artist, Wes Somerville. There were walk about actors in costumes by Niki Bee, with edible art lollies by LilyD. The brochure was for sale for a donation, three trapeze artists hung from the ceilings and were being sketched while the sublime music of acid jazz fusion from Toni Connolly and Luis Gomez filled every corner of the hall.

La Azucarera Expo hall Motril

Album photos by Trevor Thompson

Over 100 pieces of large scale art!

The curator, Gareth Lister, said he thought there were probably about 600 people in attendance throughout the night. I hope the inauguration video illustrates to you that this was more than just a normal gallery opening, it was more of a live art happening. Here are also some of my photos:

La Azucarera Sala de Expo, Motril

Voluntary work!

My husband and I, and all the other volunteers have spent way too much time organising this event, it was 3 months in the planning and 5 weeks solid work to make it happen. Even though we have all enjoyed it, it would be nice to get paid and to be able to pay everyone for the next one. However, it’s good to see what can be achieved on a small budget, with local talent and everyone putting in. So far we have raised over 1000€ for Acompalia. Take a look at the official website of La Azucarera art exhibition that my husband and I have designed and implemented for the show and for the charity as a whole. There are a lot more posts and information about the show, especially about the music nights scheduled for every Saturday evening.