La Hora del Vermut or Vermouth o’clock was fun! The vermouth hour is a specific time of the day, just before lunch, where people gather to drink (not necessarily only the delicious home made Vermouth’s of Catalonia) and have salty snacks. I travel across town to buy a dark and particularly bitter tasting vermouth straight from the barrel. Vermouth is generally served (sometimes on the rocks) with a slice of orange and green olives. You can drink it anytime of the day these days.

The day

It was a hot day in Barcelona on the 11th June, with 27° and 65% humidity. The drinks flowed and the feeling was good. Jo Solana (a famous Catalan musician) played his guitar with double bass accompanying him. The rock ‘n’ roll hairdressers is already colourful, with album artwork and funky decor on the walls – my artwork fits right in! It’s always a pleasant treat for me to find places where my pink skull paintings are welcomed (whole heartedly) because it generally means the people are open minded!

Art Exhibition Photos

Jo Solana playing live

The exhibition continues until the end of the month

2nd – 29th June 2022
Monday to Friday 4pm – 8pm, Saturday’s 10am – 1pm
La Perrockia, C/Francoli 60, Barcelona, 08006. Zone: El Farró

La Perrockia publicity for an art exhibition by Emma Plunkett

Get in touch if you’d like me to meet you there or if you’re interested in buying any of the artwork.