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Get your love life sorted so that you can concentrate your energy on being creative, whilst making yourself and someone else very happy.

Write a list

Help The Universe (God, Existence or whatever you want to call it) by writing out a list of all the specific qualities you’d like to attract in a magical life partner. Start by writing,

For the highest good of all concerned, may this or something better happen.

These are the qualities I’d like to attract in a magical life partner

Then start your list of the qualities you deem as important, things like sexy, humourous, fun, speaks my language, healthy, fits my body like a glove, spontaneous, respectful, stylish, interesting, spiritually advancing, loves me like no other, intelligent, considerate, knows him/herself, playful, creative, generous, addiction-free, genuine, loves animals, supportive, capable, nature lover, faithful, happy, vigorous…

Use positive words

Everything needs to be written in the positive. If for instance, you write, “doesn’t snore” you may attract someone who does snore because the universe only recognises the “snore” part. So, instead, you need to write something like, “a quiet sleeper”. So miss out words like, “no, not, none, doesn’t, isn’t and won’t”.

Let go

Make your lists, then burn them and forget all about them. Lists can be updated at any time, even after several years of being together.

Things to consider and actions to take:

      1. Be aware that you don’t want to be the time waster.
      2. Be honest with yourself. Do you really want to attract the best possible person or just someone that is halfway there, a “make-do” person because you are scared or feel unworthy of having the best?
      3. Be open and confident that it will happen – there are up to 5 soul mates each for all of us.
      4. Take away all the time scales (within a year etc.)
      5. If you find that you are afraid of being loved, start by loving yourself up. The more you love yourself, the more others will be able to love you.
      6. If you are afraid of being hurt again or the pain of love is too great – let go* of past experiences. Trust life, the Universe will only ever give you things that you can handle.
      7. Lots of people thrive on the chase and the competition and do not recognise or value love when it comes around for them. We all have to listen to our intuition, be open-minded and have courage every step we take.
      8. Men and women mostly meet at work, because that is where they spend the most time together. Join clubs, attend meetings or do sports that interest you – engage with life, put yourself out there a bit. Go to every social occasion, every dinner party, accept every suitable invitation, go out on your own, get friends to introduce you to people, widen your circles of friends.
      9. Go for people in your league or above.
      10. Recognise the subtle signals.
      11. A man has the power to make himself attractive to a prospective partner, it’s something that he drums up from the inside.
      12. Women need to give more obvious signals to communicate that they are available. They also need to turn around and see who is watching them from behind, to see who is already there loving them. A woman only needs to go for a partner that totally adores her.
      13. A person can make a woman feel secure, by communicating that they are attracted to her, in a non-predatory way, by telling her, “I find you beautiful”. If she encourages the person by smiling, then they can follow through with something like, “If you ever need someone, I’ll be there for you.” This leaves her feeling confident to flirt and to encourage if she is interested.
      14. A person can make a man feel good by admiring him and complimenting what he does. Give him attention and encouragement.
      15. To spot who is available is hard though, for both men and women. People who are not having regular sex seem less attractive to each other because their pheromones are down. That’s why people in relationships seem more attractive and get more attention because their pheromones are high.
      16. Allow yourself to be surprised as to who your life partner could be, they could be heavily disguised as an ordinary person.
      17. It’s important to look at the quiet ones, the ones not trying and trust that they can become more beautiful as you love them up. They have their magic on the inside, just for you! It’s all about character – looks are a bonus.
      18. Listen to your heart, your head and follow your body – all three combined, not just one.
      19. Take away all the conditions and expectations, so as to avoid disappointment. Never say never!
      20. If you are afraid or shy of someone, dispel any fantasy by talking to them, allow yourself to be vulnerable in front of them. Let no stone go unturned. For example, you could start by saying, “Hello”.
      21. Take your time, savour every feverish moment, every risk, every maneuver.
      22. Keep sex for later on, as you need a clear head to determine if this is actually the person for the job, the one you want to strip down to their bare essence and build back up again. It’s a long term project.
      23. Check them out by saying, “No” to them and see how they respond. If they take it on the chin, then they are a possible keeper, if they try and persuade you otherwise, then take note of their actual behaviour not just what they say – bad behaviour escalates!
      24. Be prepared to dive in the deep end, become intimate with each other’s lives – things are going well when we share histories.
      25. People CLICK together, listen out for when it happens to you – when you slot in together.
      26. A partnership is about being able to grow alongside each other with a healthy distance between you, not too close, not too far apart (so as not to smother or fizzle out) – thus the flames of passion can burn bright!
      27. The art of love is about play but no games please, be honest about your feelings – shy, excited or bored and would prefer to be somewhere else.
      28. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, its all good practice – rejection is not a slight on a person’s character.
      29. Tidy up your life! Complete with all ex-lovers, leave no doors left ajar. Make your life simple, make yourself available, so you can be free to pursue something great.
      30. Make preparations for their arrival, give yourself everything you need, so your partner can just add to your table.
      31. Be found in good condition, work on your personality, health, emotions and spirit.
      32. “To know love, is to be love.” Simply share your love equally amongst all beings including any prospective partner.
      33. Say a positive affirmation, such as, “my life partner is peaceful”, or, “my life partner is just right for me”.
      34. Be aware that you want to attract someone who wants the same things out of life as you do – someone who is going to a similar place, at a similar time and at a similar pace to you.
      35. Be yourself and have fun at all times.
      36. Let go of your wish to have a magical partner, your life is perfect just as it is.

*To aid letting go, I find that if I love the situation, person or thing and really feel it completely, then I say, “Goodbye and thank you.” By repeating this process over and over, I will eventually move on.

ceramic sculpture, stoneware turquoise heart with flowers and a bottom

This guide works and I can help!

I have my magical partner – I’ve been blissfully married since 2007. If you’d like help with making your list and to make sure it’s all written in the positive then contact me and we can arrange a video call (for an hourly rate). I want everyone to be open to experiencing the joy of feeling the deep bond of romantic love – like Romeo and Juliet, except with a happy ending!

These are the qualities I’d like to attract in myself

You may also like to make a list of all the qualities with which, you wish to possess – to bring yourself up to scratch, so you match your new spouse. Qualities like: clarity, good posture, nice skin, courageous, loving, approachable, fit, pain-free body…

Use this guide to define what you want to attract in a new job/home

Make a list of all the things you would like in a new home – double sink, spacious, outdoor space, reasonably priced, peaceful area, etc.

A new job – nice boss, fun team, light and airy office, stress-free, etc.

Art that communicates love

The artwork I make has become a way for you to communicate how you feel, especially when words fail. See my full range of love heart art to see if there is anything there that resonates with you. Surround yourself (and others) with love hearts, to remind yourself that you are already loved!

Thank you for reading and I hope your journey ahead is a loving one!

With warmest wishes