Lloyd LindyBeige explains why it feels insulting sometimes when you experience a modern art gallery. Maybe some artists and curators need to be more conscious of this too.

Dark and Light

There is already enough darkness in this world with plenty of things to bring us down and make us feel bad. Thus it is all too easy to make art with a dark nature. However, it is a challenge to make art which is light and uplifting to the viewer and this is the challenge I prefer to rise to.

Art As Therapy

As an artist, I try to make an effort to get through my most overwhelming personal experiences by facing them head on and then become positive again, before embarking on making art, so I can deliver art of a purer nature. I can also overcome my emotional stuff by doing some art therapy, making something random and let it reflect back at me my problems. This is a good method when I don’t even know what my problems are. Then I take this content, when it turns out beautiful, and I show people and thus, hopefully the art will connect with people on a deeper level.

Profound Art

I do admire art that resonates profoundly with the onlooker, when an artist digs deep and takes their most heartfelt experiences and delivers it in an honest portrayal but with a lightness and feeling of acceptance. Painting dark hurt and pain just conveys that feeling to the viewer. So I’m asking you, why share your shit, when with a little effort, skill and dedication, you can share something that gives pleasure or at least brings some meaning into the world?