When I’m in my art studio. I don’t have to finish anything or do anything. I can just stare at the wall if I need to. I can break things or paint things or what ever I like. I give myself total and utter freedom with no expectations of any kind of result. Then it is always a bonus if anything actually turns out nice. I don’t always like my own work but I respect that I make things that are for other people in the end and that they may like it. Much as I’d love to keep everything, I even take my absolute favourite pieces out to galleries and I shed a tear when they sell.

I have waking dreams where I see art I could make. These visualisations are just starting points but they drive me forwards. I’m too curious not to try and make them real, to see what they will be. I experience very strong urges to make things. Sculpture for me is the most satisfying, as I have no idea what it will be until I have some clay being squashed around in my hands and it starts to look like something. I get a buzz from creating something valuable from clay or paper. The more I earn from art, the more I allow myself to indulge my passion in it.


I have learnt that I cannot constantly break new boundaries and search for the new all the time. When I hit on something awesome, my self discipline comes into action and I make a series of between seven and twenty pieces to really get the most out of the research I’ve put in, to get to that point. I never reach twenty of anything other than love hearts though. I get too tired. I create a series because I know I can sell it again and again, each one slightly different, which makes my art a viable operation. My greeting cards are selling well, so I can make new designs soon.


People sometimes demand to see more of their favourite themes, they are asking me for montages at the moment but I say “No” because no one buys them except in card form. If I get the urge though, I will make them but not to satisfy anyone else. I have been asked for small sculptures by one gallery shop, pieces which are easy for tourists to transport home. I will do this, even though the small ones take just as much time as the medium sized ones. I want to make large sculptures but they take longer to make and sell and also have to store and lift them.


I loose myself when I’m in the creative process. I have realised that I will be painting love hearts, almond blossom and flamencos for the rest of my life now. I am happy to do that. I suppose it’s like the Rolling Stones going out and singing the same song every time they are on stage, even 50 years later, it’s what people want and it’s what pays our way through life or it can be. I enjoy the challenge of earning a living from my creativity, it keeps me sharp.

Green Heart by Emma Plunkett