This art film is the third part of a multi-media triptych, which includes a painting, a cyanotype art object and this film. For more details about this project, please read the blog post, Something about the life model – a triptych.

She is more than just a close friend, more than just the model in the film, more than just a gardener – she is a seed saver and she runs a seed bank. She studied local food economies at degree level and has put her theories into practice. It’s no wonder then that when we were speaking creatively, this film erupted into being. I’m not sure who’s idea it was but as soon as the idea surfaced, we both acted on it. I had the technology and it is about her life. This film was made at the brink of her new life, after she spent two years navigating her way through heartbreak, displacement, cancer, menopause, divorce, death and finally facing her new life alone.

BTW she’s flourishing in her new life now!

This film is available to purchase in full resolution. Contact me to discuss the terms of usage. (If you want it for home screen use, for public events, for advertising, web video or print.)

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