My personal travel experience, 1st December – visiting Thailand for the first time!

The beauty of Bangkok

It’s hard to capture the essence, with so many potted tropical plants outside the shops, restaurants with different sculptures and lanterns lighting the long lanes. Chilled young Thai men wearing shades, singing gentle English language songs on guitars in the open fronted restaurants around the neighbourhood of Koasan Road. Nippy scooters navigate through the pedestrians, who mill along streets clad with market stalls. The concoction of smells is good and sometimes not so.

The evening river bus took our aching feet back to our end of town. We chugged past well lit decorative architecture, outdoor projections, sound shows and neon lit party boats.

Our accommodation

We can’t keep our eyes open after the long journey across half the world. Our room is disappointing but acceptable – the air con unit is on as I write my thoughts. I chose this accommodation because of the tiny dog, who after meeting, we deem as being 40 years old, even though it looks like a puppy it has cataracts, one tooth and a stiff little body.

It’s muggy here.

The song 🎵 one night in Bangkok🎵 by Murray Head plays on repeat in my head.