This painting workshop is about digging deep and seeing your soul reflected in a piece of art. The thing to realise it, that whatever you decide to paint, you will automatically reflect back part of your soul, as is the nature of making original art. I will gently guide you with the materials and techniques that you choose and help you produce a piece of art ready to hang or frame. However, I do recommend starting with acrylics on canvas to begin with, as this allows easy over painting and making changes.

The key to making art as fluently as you speak!

What if we painted and sculpted as easily as we speak? Confidently, comfortably and not analysing every single word – just like having a conversation. Oh, you may say the wrong thing here and there, but you don’t stop talking – you just carry on, going with the flow. The blemishes all marry together in the end, and become part of the rich tapestry of the whole piece.

A picture can be planned out beforehand, but there is also another way. You can let the content and meaning of the picture manifest at a later stage, with abstract random mark making and uncontrived application of colour. A painting can come to fruition quite simply… learn to mix subtle colours and applying them, while not thinking too much. Just following your own intuition, and listening to the inner dialogue you have with the painting. You might also have to take a few risks and break out of your comfort zone here and there, but being kind and non-judgemental to yourself along the way helps.

Painting workshop price

3 hour sessions are recommended, @ 25€ / hour. All materials supplied. Tea and coffee included.

Weekly class discounts available.

Students art – work in progress

These pieces are examples of work achieved during the class, though the first two paintings were later worked on more.

Other recommended subjects

  1. Abstract watercolours – enjoying colour, mark making and encouraging whatever form wants to come out.
  2. Portraiture – working from a photo in either watercolour or acrylic. This can also be a self portrait.
  3. Cyanotype printing – using enlarged negatives, cut outs, found objects, flowers and foliage to print with.

You can decide whatever it is you want to learn from me

I am also happy to teach subjects like landscapes, still lives and life studies.


Let me know if any of these materials excite you, and you feel like grappling with them?

  • pencil
  • collage
  • cyanotype printing
  • acrylic painting
  • watercolours
  • oils
  • sculpture

Please contact me to book a time.