July 8 – Aug 6. Jardin Nazari, Vélez de Benaudalla, Granada, Spain. Emma Plunkett and Manuel Morego are bringing their art together in a duel of expressive styles and strong content. An art exhibition that promises no compromise, to challenge your perceptions and to bring you depth.

Talking About The Art

Photos from the Opening Night!

About us

We met when Manuel hired me to lecture at Granada University. His work is challenging and interesting and it gripped me. I asked him to come and exhibit with me. The exhibition starts on the 8th July at the Jardin Nazari building. I think the experience of seeing our work together will make you think. Think about the representation of the female form in art, make you think why? Maybe even make you think you could do this?

The gallery is large enough to house two full bodies of artwork from each artist. Art that is drawn from deep within each of their souls, the recent output of their life long creative journey’s.

Manuel gets his powerful points across using a child like approach mixed with realism.

Emma paints like she is spreading thick butter on toast to portray a rich sensual feminine softness.

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Opening Times

Opening night: Sat.8 July 9pm-11:3opm
July 8 – Aug 6, Wednesday-Saturdays 11am – 1pm & 7pm – 9pm, Sundays 11am-1pm.
Jardin Nazari, C/ Blas Infante, Vélez de Benaudalla, Granada.

Take advantage of the free entrance into the spectacular Nazari gardens from 21h – 23:30h on the opening night only. Entrance to the gardens is 3€ at all other times. Please state at the door if you have only come to see the exhibition which is free entrance.


Please refer to the official website for the correct opening times: http://www.velezdebenaudalla.es/

Manuel Morego Artists Statement

Manuel is an artist born and educated in Granada, getting his Ph. D. in the year 2014. At the moment he is professor of Artistic Education in the University of Granada.

His current artistic identity is recognisable by the use of an iconography that comes from children’s drawings. Morego’s current creative language is based on the symbols, colours and shapes coming from the drawings of young children, which he uses to tell us about universal themes.

The last subjects present in his work are recalls from the past and memories. Morego certifies that the memory of adults is built on images. Some of them are present in our memory and others hidden, latent in the subconscious. Almost everyone has some memory that is suspicious. They are subjective portraits that lurk in our consciousness at certain times. In fact the memories make up the landscape where we live. Awake or asleep.

Manuel Morego nudistas neocon painting

Emma Plunkett Artist Statement

Emma is London born and educated, she has a Ba (Hons) in fine art from 1991. She is a practising contemporary fine artist, videographer and designer. Read About page.

I find it easier to perceive my own artwork once I have viewed it in a neutral space, i.e. not my kitchen or living room. Once it has been out in the world, it is easier for me to accept it and understand it because it has been seen through others eyes. I’m not always sure what my art is about when I’m making it, I just feel compelled, inspired and motivated to paint certain ideas – experiences mostly, I suppose. Like when I saw one artist having fun painting silly happy characters, I thought to myself, “Why not just relax and paint hearts and flowers” and my Bouquet of Love painting materialised. Like the little girl crossing the road in the painting pictured below, which I called Girlhood. I just wanted to portray her captivating and unique little stance, her essence. The pink skulls needed to be a long series, I could paint more after witnessing their quirky display in a Czech crypt. The pink makes them more palatable and soft. Skulls are not to be feared, they are the structure that hold our brains in.

Girlhood oil painting by Emma Plunkett

This Exhibition

This is the first time they have shown together and they are excited to see what the effect of the juxtaposition of their styles and sensibilities will be. The setting is the gorgeous and recently restored historic building of the Jardin Nazari, built in the Moorish style with a beautiful court yard.