Here are two audio recordings that you can download and listen to as podcasts – artists critique my paintings. I recommend you listen to them whilst looking at a picture of the painting being discussed. This is from an exhibition I participated in, along side 22 other international artists from my art group, ANA (Artists’ Network Alpujarra). These recordings were made at our Spring show in Órgiva, Granada, Spain. Listen to members discuss my pieces in detail. I am introducing the recordings and also giving deeper – maybe a bit too honest – explanations of my art and the inspiration behind each piece. Participating artists include Lisa Prudon, Sylvia Kruidenier and guest artist Mark Watson. Download more critiques of the other artists work on Artists’ Network Alpujarra website.

The Last Sleep of Morpheus

100 x 80cm oil on board. See this painting in the webshop.

This is what I saw during the euthanasia of my beloved, elderly dog, Morpheus. It was a profound experience that stuck in my mind. I have painted this entirely from memory.

Secret Heart

100 x 80cm oil painting by Emma Plunkett. Visit this painting in the webshop.

Hear about the reasons behind why hearts appear in my art so much and what the other artists understood from this painting.