Women and girls are not looking to be equal to men on male terms, we’re looking for equal rights and to be valued on our own terms. Here are a few words from me inspired by International Women’s Day:

I’m strong when I want
I’m soft when I want
I speak out when I want
I work hard when I want

I serve when I need
I stop when I need
I am resilient when I need
I create peace when I need

I am equal just as I am
I am feminine just as I am
I am valued just as I am
I am loved just as I am

Everyone’s invited to join and benefit from the women’s movement. There’s a vast female network that’s growing organically – deep connections are maintained and profound conversations are happening all the time. It’s beautiful, compassionate and quiet – you need to listen to women or you’ll miss out!

Empowering women means valuing all forms of the feminine – sexual and reproductive autonomy, closing the gender pay gap, funding women’s health and ending femicide are among some of the issues.

pink uterus art

Title: Pink uterus art – 9
Materials: oil on primed heavy paper
Size: 14 x 14 cm
Date: 2021
Price: £50 + P&P

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