The 1st Polopos art walk event was very well attended, busloads of people made their way to this little Spanish village to traipse around the steep streets in search of art. I saw many familiar faces and made some new friends too.

I felt that people were happy to engage with and talk freely about what they were looking at becasue the art was being exhibited in a relaxed home environment, rather than a stuffy gallery, where people can often feel a bit intimidated.

My photos

It was the first time I showed a few pieces, including the Flapping Chicken, which was on the plinth outside the front door, my silver wall plaques and my little primitive stoneware Goddesses of Protection. I made them to hang from the car rearview mirror (to keep you alert to the stupidity of other drivers).

Honza’s photos

Here are a few more photos from my husband Honza, who is my right-hand man and fully supportive in every way (even when we get home completely tired out and have to live with my art all over the place).

The after-party

We had a great after-party with a great Dutch singer on karaoke. The organic wine was flowing and I must say it was very good with very little after-effects. Check out

The last photo is evidence of why I lost my voice afterward – I was singing Bohemian Rhapsody with gusto.

Thank you

Special thanks to Wijnand Boon and Thysa Zevenbergen of Casa 3 for organising the event. A big thank you to Nata and Oliver for providing the space I was in – Viejo Posada. Over 20 years ago it was an old inn and many of the locals were happy to step inside to see it again. Some people knew the previous owners and shared stories of nights around the fire, which was now host to my art. To Michael Alexander for being so handy with his drill. To Gareth Lister, who was excellent in designing the look of the show and made everything flow as usual. He had his paintings in the hallway and by the fireplace and Maryse Alen had her work in the living room. See the links below to find out about the other artists and read their feedback.

More about the event

Take a look at Artists’ Network Alpujarra website for the participating artists’ personal accounts of the art walk and see more photos of the art.

Also, check out the webpage of the event to see more details about the artists involved: