Portrait sketching art class

One of these quick charcoal sketches is by me and the other one is by my eight year old friend. I love the one she did of me. I love the way my eyes are looking at different things. I love seeing how kids draw me!

So the idea is a one-off art class. Come to my art studio (or we can do it online) and let’s make a picture of each other. We sit opposite each other and draw each other (at the same time) – it’s fun. You get to keep the portrait I do of you!

Making art is about play. It doesn’t matter what you make, what’s important is that you engage in the making because it sorts out what’s going on inside your head.

I will give you tuition as we draw, though of course you are welcome to just come and sit in front of me while I paint you, for a small fee of course! You could even buy an art class or a portrait sitting as a gift.

Contact me to book a class or buy a gift certificate.

We learn art by observing, by doing, by practising and by playing.