I do like to capture a good likeness. The one above is a self-portrait.

Why commission a portrait?

It’s all about creating immortality – an oil painting will last longer than you (when kept well)! It’ll also come in handy for pimping up your online presence – for your social media icons, the avatar on your app and as your team picture on your work website. It’s good to have a decent picture of yourself but even better when it’s hand painted.


I work from a high-resolution photo or from life. You need to expect results that are freer than a photo, not exactly the same because the very fact it’s painted means I will bring more magic and life to it.

Here are some I have done:

Oil Portraits

The time scale is about 6 weeks for an oil painting because it needs time to dry. I would prefer to work in oils but we can discuss what you’d like. I can change colours and tailor the backgrounds.


Prices start at £200 + P&P, for a single head and shoulders portrait, with a simple one colour background, on A4 size canvas. Plus I’ll throw in a digital photo of your portrait for free! Things that will effect the price are the larger the size, quantity of people and complexity of the background.

Digital Hand Drawn Portraits

These are hand-drawn using a digital pen and Wacom tablet. They are £60 each and for that, you get two revisions, a hi-resolution image you can print out and a small Jpeg to use online.