There is something magical about watercolours. These paintings were created with the intention of letting the liquid watercolours bleed and do their own thing, with a minimum of interference.


They were painted directly after watching a firework display on a beach, from way up high on top of a mountain. The coast line was lit up with colour far below, the sky and sea being one big expanse of darkness. The composition is about this line, where the sea meets the land and all the busyness that happens there.

Firework Horizons

These are all available for sale.


If you are interested in buying, please contact me about which and I will add to my web shop for ease of payment. You can see 3 that are in my web shop now under watercolours:


I mixed up the background colour wash into varying shades of turquoise. Using a 7 cm wide household paint brush, I painted on the shot of pink, with one brisk stroke, then I moved the paper around to make the colours bleed a little or a lot. This was the bases for each painting. I painted a few because it was going so well and I was having fun and you can never have enough turquoise in your life! The touch of yellow was added towards the end of the series as a little variation. These 3 paintings were the forerunners, I was practising going up in scale in paper and brush size.

Caring for your watercolours

Keep your watercolours away from direct sunlight. Also keep an eye on the changing direction of the sun over the year, especially if you place it opposite a window.


Depending on how you decide to frame them, i.e. how much of the rough edges you like to keep or cut off? Plus the largest frame size is very expensive, so you might want to trim them down to fit in a more affordable frame. They can be about 90cm wide x 60 cm high.

Window mount

They will need a mount, so the glass doesn’t touch the painting. This is in case any moisture in the air gets inside the frame and forms condensation, as this will make the painting run.