You are welcome to join me as I lead a slow looking session at the Artists’ Network Alpujarra group art exhibition. There will be artists present to give us the back stories about their art and we will be recording the the discussion to put on YouTube.

On Tuesday 23rd April

The old town hall of Orgiva, from 6-8pm

The idea is to look steadily at one piece of art for an extended period of time, 10 minutes or more, in order to let that piece of art grow on you. During the process we can say out loud what we see or feel and share the experience with other art lovers and novices alike. It’s about reading the art in terms that sometimes cannot be put into words.

We are going to become familiar with certain pieces of art and we are going to dig deep to get a more profound understanding of the art. We are going to stay with a piece long enough to let it communicate back to us!

Some photos of people slow looking at the inauguration of the “New & Old” group art exhibition.

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