Thank you to the lovely Marlene Wörner for writing this article for Sur in German. It appeared in the 06.07.17. issue.

Emma Plunkett vs. Manuel Morego

Emma Plunkett and Manuel Morego are bringing their art together in a dual of expressive styles and strong content. An exhibition that promises no compromise, to challenge your perceptions and to bring you depth. These artists met for the fist time at the University of Granada, when Manuel asked Emma to give an art lecture to his students. When they saw each others art, they recognised something in each other that they admired, maybe it was the dedication and high level of commitment to their self motivated artwork? They decided to stay in touch and extend their conversation. This exhibition is the first time they have shown together and they are excited to see what the effect of the juxtaposition of their styles and sensibilities will be.

The gallery is large enough to house two full bodies of artwork from each artist. Art that is drawn from deep within each of their souls, the recent output of their life long creative journey’s.

Manuel gets his powerful points across using a child like approach mixed with realism. Emma paints like she is spreading thick butter on toast to portray a rich sensual feminine softness. will receive 10% of all sales.

Take advantage of the free entrance into the spectacular Nazari gardens from 9pm-10pm on the opening night only. Entrance to the gardens is 3€ all other times. Please state at the door if you have come for free entrance to see the exhibition only.