Ian Rutter from Talk Radio Europe interviewed me for his talk show, Life Stories. The show was aired on the 3rd December 2017 at 13:00–14:00.

Ian heard of me when he came to visit the huge La Azucarera art exhibition that I organised in Motril. A few days later we met in a tea room in Granada and I told him how I came to be in Spain. He previously asked me for, “A list of 6 pieces of music that mean something to you. I ask what these pieces mean to you as part of the chat.” This was way more intense than just talking about my favourite tunes.

I’m honest in the interview, perhaps a bit brutally so. Please accept my apologies if what I say offends you or anyone from my old life, it’s just how things were for me back then. Ian was interested in my story of how I came to be in Spain and I told him everything.