I was a teenager in the 1980’s!

The other day I opened a time capsule – an A2 black portfolio of art from 1986. (See a day in the life of the offending article illustrated above.) It was from when I was 17 and enjoying a BTEC Diploma in Art and Design at Amersham college, UK.

The contents are of numerous life drawings, still lives, fashion sketches and portraits. As you can see, the 80’s had a very defined look.

A2 pencil sketches

I have a whole load of life drawings (from this time) stashed away in that portfolio. I’m open to offers if you’d like to frame one or two?

A2 sketches of my peers

These were all quick sketches – under 10 minutes each.

Fashion projects

These A2 pieces were all drawn and painted freehand.

Paintings on paper

There were quite a few self portraits in the portfolio. I won’t bother you with them all here. I think I drew myself a lot because I was the only reliable model to hand.

Authentic 80’s Teenage Art

Let me know if you are in need of any images like these? There are plenty more stored away, though I ‘m not sure for how much longer I will keep them.