I collected nearly a thousand different circles from my everyday life, during a three month period. At one point I was so sick of circles, I wanted to end the project – I still see them everywhere. This is the art video that I made out of them.


Stare at the central area of your screen and listen on good speakers or headphones. It’s a super fast (like a blip-vert) and loops twice seamlessly. Relax your eyes and let the sounds and circles flow into each other. Just go with it, letting it wash through you like a wave. Hopefully (if you can handle it), you will spot different circles each time you watch it and see the world through my eyes!

Spoiler alert!

This video is about the contrasting sounds and visual details that accompany our daily lives – nature and city, industrial and natural noises, colour and black and white, near and far, peace and panic. It is about the doppler effect as the sound and corresponding colour become more agitated as the circles gently grow and shrink.

Ideal viewing

This video would benefit from being shown on a large square screen in a dark, intimate space, where people can pass through quietly and leave when they’ve absorbed enough. Please contact me if you know of a good opportunity to exhibit this video.

My process

I started off quite slowly, photographing circles, but eventually the project escalated uncontrollably and I started seeing circles everywhere. At one point I’d completely had enough and wanted to end the project – so I began to video edit them together. I put them through some effects but nothing was working, they needed something more. I thought to myself, “There’s no way I’m putting them all in colour order. I think I’ll just put down all the red buttons together on my video editing timeline”. Before I knew it I was deeply engrossed in the process of colour and size ordering all of the circles – 838 photos to be precise. Talk about scope creep but I still went with it. I didn’t use any of the blurred photos or the ones of food because photos of others peoples meals are not so appealing. Once I could see the direction the film was taking, then I indulged in taking a few extra photos – just some colourful ones though!

The game – spotting circles!

Collecting photos of circles is a great way of interacting with your environment. To play the game – on your own or in a team, take photos only outside and add them into an album of circles. You can just admire your results or score points – whatever you like!

  • 0 points – logo’s don’t count!
  • 1 point – drains covers and door knobs are common.
  • 5 points – colourful circles are rare.
  • 10 points – circles made by nature are the rarest.

Engage with your surroundings and see the world from a different perspective.

The advanced version of the game is spotting triangles or squares and breaking the rules!

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