I have an on-going art exhibition at the Kitty Harri sculpture garden. I pop over there to deliver new garden sculptures quite often, to replace the items that have sold.

Outdoor sculptures

These are all stoneware fired clay sculptures. They are impervious to water and thus frost resistant. They make ideal garden sculptures, though they are equally nice placed indoors as well.

Sexy garden sculptures

You can see quite a few of my sexy garden sculptures amongst the tropical plants. Also, my smaller quirky pieces are in both of the indoor the galleries.

The indoor gallery

The 2nd indoor gallery

Opening times

The 2-acre sculpture garden is open the 1st and 3rd and Sundays of each month, 10-4pm or by appointment for groups. There is a 10€ entrance fee. The views are stunning and the refreshments flow – check their website for more details.

Finding the gardens

It’s a beautiful drive up to the gardens, which are tucked up in the mountains not too far from Almuñecar.

As you come up to the front gates you are greeted by a sculpture of a jester, crowning a totem pole, which has dice flying off it, which pokes its head high above the wall. The exterior and interior walls are adorned with beautiful ceramic mosaics. On entering the gardens it’s hard to know where to look first – hundreds of fascinating garden sculptures nestle amongst the tropical plants, pathways and seating areas. Kitty is constantly adding to their art collection with her own sculptures and those of her guest artists, such as myself.

Baroque Music

During the winter months, Kitty’s partner Nick Tasker serenades the audience with baroque music played on a harpsichord, along with various guest musicians.