This is a group art exhibition about climate change – hosted by Artists’ Network Alpujarra. Over 30 artists will be bringing their art to the Old Town Hall of Órgiva for this 3-week long exhibition of paintings, sculptures, photography, film, installation, poetry and performance.

Why Fragile Earth you might ask? Carbon in the atmosphere, ice caps melting at unprecedented rates, deforestation, pesticide abuse, fracking, indiscriminate building, single-use plastics. Today few people in Europe are unaware of current extremely serious concerns over rapidly escalating climate change. In the face of this ANA aim to share our individual and collective visions of our position on Earth, this fragile biosphere we call home. Artist Fiona Primarolo.

The art I will be showing

I have painted a huge new unstretched canvas, 190cm wide. A painting that I had in mind before the exhibition theme was announced but on its production, it got influenced by it. I think that I may, in the future, give myself some more self-imposed themes because it adds another dimension to the work.

I’ve made a 3-minute film loop, with a spoken word soundtrack. It’s called The Water Deity and it’s about a Goddess.

I have put together a small mixed media piece, with an oil painting in a gold frame. It has a rearview mirror attached to it, with a stoneware icon of an earth mother hanging. It is a recreation of a memory of being a passenger during a recent road trip. I wanted to illustrate how nice it is to have a Goddess of protection while you drive. The whole piece is about road safety – to be alert and take the right action at high speed in a dangerous situation.

I’ve made a decorative wall ceramic plaque with a mirror, it’s called Role Model. I believe strongly in acknowledging our own role models and that we are also role models ourselves, whether we want to be good ones or not is up to us.

You can see photos of all these pieces on the post about the opening night.

At the Old Town Hall, Órgiva – 10 to 31 August 2019

Opening times:
Sunday and Monday closed.
Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 7–10 pm
Thursday and Saturday: 11–1 pm


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