My own body

This uterus art was made in order to help me address the biology of my own body. To be in touch with my womb – what it can do, how to listen to its desires and why it causes so much pain. I hope this womb art helps you or someone you know, on your journey as guardian of a divine incubator – sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t and sometimes we just don’t want it to work!

All my uteruses

This is all my uterus art in one place. You can see how they’ve developed over the years.

I’m posting them in the chronological order that they were painted in.

Contracting uteri

These are the first ones I painted back in 2008, after my late miscarriage, when words failed me and I was first trying to express how I was feeling. The love heart in the centre is the space the baby left behind. They are quite small, some are less than postcard size.

Uterus art

These are 18 x 13 cm size and painted in watercolours. This the complete selection from the 2012 batch:

Uterus hearts

These two are A3 size and were painted in watercolours in 2016:

Colourful uteruses

In 2017, I was commissioned paint a colourful watercolour uterus for a sexual health video, where the brief was to have the vaginal canal present and no heart in the centre. These ones were not used for the commission. They are various sizes around A4 and A5. They are painted on white paper and need photo editing before printing.

First Blood Uteri

These ones, I painted for my friend’s daughter as a celebration of her first period in 2018. They are around A6 size.

Pink Uterus art

I thought I would try out how this design would work using oil paint. As you can see, I had a great time splashing around creating them. They were painted in 2021, on primed heavy weight paper and are various sizes.

Uterus for sale

All these uteri are available to be made into paper or aluminium prints, instant downloads and art licences. Commissions are also welcome (though you have to be aware that they always come out differently). I also still have some of the original artwork available for purchase. If you are interested in any for commercial use, get in contact and let me know which ones you like best. Some of them still need a little graphic design (cleaning up) in order to be ready for print.


The uterus is a complex organ and a powerful point of reference for the female human experience – one that cannot easily be ignored. I have been nicely surprised by how warmly my uterus artwork has been received by women around the world. The painting below is my biggest selling artwork:

Uterus 7 by Emma Plunkett