These uteri…

In the past my uterus art has been about things like pregnancy loss, first period and generally celebrating the wonders of what female biology can do. Here you can see my new series of womb paintings and they have a new feel. They are no longer just about being soft and feminine. The feeling behind these uteri is, “Don’t mess with me!”

Size: 18 x 13 cm
Materials: watercolour on 300g paper
Date: 2022

The change

These watercolour uterus reflect the more experienced menopausal uteri, those that have learned through experience. Those that don’t need apologies – they need change! Change to women’s health care… like some actual data on menopause would be nice. Change to treatments, so that the pill is not the only option to balance hormones. Change, so that we don’t have to campaign about the gender health gap and body autonomy.

The gender health gap

Limitations of medical knowledge

Female biology is neglected by modern medicine because we have a health care system that is made by men for men. Women’s health issues are written off, often just reinforcing the idea of hysteria, so we are less likely to seek preventative medical care for issues such as endometriosis or chronic pelvic inflammatory disease. Most diseases affect men and women differently, however most clinical trials only include men (so as not to damage women’s eggs). Bad medicine and lazy science leave women sick, our pain normalised and our bodies remain a mystery!

There’s no data on the menopause!

Past studies into HRT and menopause are flawed, government funding is tiny and thus researchers have to rely on charity. Doctors still don’t know what actually causes a hot flush. I hope the funding for data increases and my younger sisters get better care when they come of age.


Prescribing women hormonal birth control (which makes their body think it’s in the early stages of pregnancy) flat lines the normal ebb and flow of hormones and has become the, “fix all” for female hormonal issues. This means that women are less likely to blow caution to the wind and have it off with someone unsuitable or an old flame (when ovulating) and later wonder what came over them as their hormones ebb again. Thus human evolution is tame.

Body autonomy

It’s hard not to hear about what American law makers are trying to do to oppress women’s reproductive rights in 2022. While we’re on the subject, lets acknowledge all the non consensual male and female circumcision that happens for whatever dubious reason and all the neonatal sex assignment that happens in the management of infants ambiguous genitalia. It’s awkward to call out abuses but necessary.

The older I get, the more imperfect the world reveals itself to be

There is a bias towards male leadership because men promote decision makers that remind them of themselves (other men) and women’s issues get left out of the budget. Men need to own up to the fact they have failed us and it’s time to let women help other women. Women need to smash that glass ceiling, make themselves heard and get their uterus’ on the decision making seats.

Uterus art

So these uterus paintings are a bit more forceful than usual – a bit looser, a bit freer, a bit more confident, a bit more beautiful and a bit more powerful. They not only embody confidence and fun, they mean business, their own business – not anyone else’s! They need laws, trust, respect and full body autonomy.

All uteri need to feel safe – they demand love, justice, liberty, equality and peace!

Angry womb watercolour art painting

Art licences

I know everyone likes to use images they find on the internet for your social media campaigns, for non commercial and commercial projects alike. However, us artists need to earn our keep, so please do the right thing and contact me to discuss the terms of using my uterus art – I’m happy to be flexible, so tell me about your project?


If you just want to make a meme or a few A3 prints then I charge £50 for a regular licence. The extended licence costs £500 and allows you to place the image on a product and sell it, such as putting it on a t-shirt or mug.

Original uterus watercolours are around £50 each. If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, I’m also open to commissions.

Do you want to see some more of my uterus art?


Pain and Prejudice by Gabrielle Jackson, read an excerpt in the Guardian.

The Society for Women’s Health Research (SWHR)