The centre of our town was closed off to traffic and instead was full of temporary bars, stalls and a large stage for performances. This Expo Nazari fiesta is on every other year and is a great excuse for a get together. It is a celebration of Vélez de Benaudalla’s Moorish roots. I participated by being part of the Moors and Christians procession, I got dressed up as a medieval Christian princess and I also did my art stall. I think it’s important to communicate in the local community what we do by showing people. Even though I exhibit in the official exhibition hall of Velez, it’s not the same as taking the art directly to the people, in this case, by setting up in the street. Lots of people engaged with my art and said to me that they had no idea that I sculpted as well as paint.

Lots of the smaller items I have on the stall do not appear in my web shop, so please contact me if you see something you are interested in.