crs1138 and Miss Plunkett came out of early retirement last weekend to VJ at a lovely outdoor party in the mountains of Southern Spain. I have only VJ’ed once in the last three years and couldn’t locate my hard drive of clips at first because we have moved house twice in the meantime.  We set up three screens around the dance floor, one being projecting straight onto the side of the large white truck with all the lighting rig in it. I like to use what is there even though we had to prune a branch to get the truck into position. The projectors were fixed into the olive trees along with lights and lasers. It all looked incredibly beautiful and atmospheric.

Mixing live on Modul8 VJ software, it felt good to air all those lovely clips again and to play along side fellow VJ Larry. He brought along some interesting computer generated imagery, which made good backgrounds for clips like crs1138’s silhouetted local belly dancers and my animated hand drawn pictures.