4 of 7 eyes

4 of 7 eyes

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Size 33 x 24 cm

Materials: oil on canvas

Date: 2019

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An oil painting of the seven eye bridge in Orgiva.

I went out landscape painting with a student. It was fun even though there were 25km winds, it was cold and it was a bit drizzly. I thought to myself, “We just have to get on with it, otherwise landscapes just won’t get painted if we wait for the weather.”

I am always looking out for good views to paint and settled on this piece of eye-catching and familiar architecture, nestled in amongst nature.

I wandered around looking for the right spot to rest our easels (I also had with me a stool to sit on, a small canvas and a shopping bag full of paint, brushes, a palette, rags and thinners). I chose to huddle us by the inadequate protection of a wild oleander bush, which helped only a little as a windbreak. Once I was painting however, I didn’t notice the weather, except when my palette blew away – luckily it landed like a cat, the right way up!



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