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Afterlife, Fiesta


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SIZE: 100cm x 80cm
MEDIUM: Oil paint on canvas
DATE: 2016

1 in stock

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There are 4 skulls in the series and they are designed to be shown as a grid. I painted these pink skulls after a visit to the Sedlec Ossuary in Czech Republic. In the 15th century a half blind monk was given the task of dealing with the 40,000 human remains from the most popular grave yard in central Europe. He used the bones creatively to decorate a crypt. The energy of the place was so sympathetic and honoured the dead in such a beautiful manner. I hope these paintings do it some credit. I found that painting each skull was like painting a portrait, defining each furrow and plain, gives a suggestion of a face or personality of a life once lived. These two skulls have lots of personality and you can just imagine the conversation between them!

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Dimensions120 × 100 × 15 cm


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