Pink Mountains

Pink Mountains


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SIZE: 100cm x 80cm
MEDIUM: Oil paint on canvas
DATE: 2016

Out of stock

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Andalusian landscape painting

I do love to interpret an attractive Andalusian landscape in oil paint. This one is an experiment in using flat plains of colour to observe perspective, whilst trying to create depth. It is a view of the Sierra Nevada mountain range, through the hills and valleys from the south side, in spring time when the almond blossom is out in full force. Except that every time I went to visit this view, to check for these two almond trees coming into blossom – over the duration of about two months – nothing happened, so I had to use my artistic license when painting the blossom. I wanted to depict the pathway leading the viewer into the depths of the scenery. Painted with a palette knife using a limited colour palette.


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