Cousin Suzy

Cousin Suzy


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Size: 24 x 33 cm

Materials; oil on canvas

Date: 2021

Out of stock

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When inspiration strikes, it’s a strong motivation to start a project. My aim in this painting was to enjoy practicing flesh tones on a face. Once I got going, I let go of the initial idea in favour of what was actually taking place on the canvas. I have learned to avoid fighting with my work in progress (where possible) because it always wins. My job is to just turn up and follow each step.

Matching the colours to that of the photo reference I was using, didn’t work out at all. Those colours made her skin look so cold, so I warmed her right up with daubs of bright red and hot pinks. The photo I was using as a reference, is one that I took a few years ago. I was drawn to the white rimmed sun glasses and guessed they would make a strong graphic element in the composition. I drew the face free hand because I didn’t want it to be too exact. I had to really push the paint around to get elements like the clavicles in the right place.

The original photo had a background of reddish rock. However, I painted it pink and then I painted it again, to make the portrait “pop” more. As I toshed on the pale lemon yellow, I decided to leave an echo of the pink as an outline but not all the way round – I didn’t want her to look like the glowing child from the 80’s Ready Brek advert. For me, the soft pink shadow is more of a healing glow.

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