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Size: 24 x 20 cm

Materials: oil on board

Date: 2021

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I need to paint big for my career, to make an impact on a large wall, to create art with a high price in order to earn my living but I also need to paint small for my soul. I value both because I learn so much from every different type of painting I attempt. Painting big shows deliberate commitment to a subject, that the artist is confident and sure about what they want to convey. Painting small makes for achievable goals, it’s less of an investment of time and materials, plus I can unfold my ideas fast.

My motivation for painting this is just that I really, really like croissants and I know lots of other people who do too. Painting my food is worse than just photographing it though, isn’t it?

I imagine this painting would look great hanging in a dining room or kitchen setting. It’s a little celebration of a crafted piece of doughy, buttery goodness!

The bakery downstairs

Sometimes it smells really good but most of the time it smells like they’ve been burning the croissants – a charred aroma often wafts along the street. They never actually do though, it’s just the carbonised crumbs at the bottom of the oven – still, it’s bad marketing!

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Dimensions35 × 30 × 10 cm


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