Dona de Cervesa

Dona de Cervesa


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Size: 24 x 30 cm
Materials: oil on canvas
Date: 2024

1 in stock

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I painted this little oil painting to break myself into painting again – after being away from my art studio for a while. My intention was to get a feel for the oil paint and not to have any particular purpose in mind, except to have some fun.

My original idea was to paint someone with the blue sky reflected in their sunglasses and I wanted to paint it large scale – this whole composition evolved from that initial starting point. Next I saw this selfie posted by my friend – no, she didn’t actually have a beer on her head, that was someone else, from another time. I added in a Barcelona art nouveau architectural background and played with all the colours, however the painting ended up being executed in an easy to achieve tiny scale.

This painting is whimsical and illustrative in style and celebrates a fun life in the city of Barcelona, with its modernist architecture, millions of moped users and young vibe.

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Dimensions45 × 35 × 4 cm


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