Flying Vulva

Flying Vulva


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Materials: Stoneware, glaze

Size: width: 21 cm, height: 7 cm, depth: 3 cm

Date: 2018

1 in stock


Partially glazed stoneware, sculpted by hand. Wall hanging relief, has indent in back for a hook.

I think ideally this piece could have a halo of some kind, to give it more of that divine, angelic feel. Maybe even a pencil drawn one?

It is a flying love heart, with white feathered angel wings and a carefully sculpted vulva in the centre. This little sculpture means something about being free, letting your fanny breathe and that this fanny is empowered and safe. It is not for anyone else’s pleasure but more for doing it’s own thing and that’s ok. I think it’s healthy to see a vulva that is presented in more of an anatomical way, that is free from sex and is just being.

Hang on a minute, this vulva is actually flying around attached to a heart, looking for love, isn’t it? There is no brain, just hormones, love and spiritual energy propelling it.

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