Goddess of Exuberance

Goddess of Exuberance


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Materials: stoneware clay, hardwood base, interior metal pole, glue.
Size: 26.5 x 11 x 10 cm (including base).
Date: 2024

1 in stock

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I created this primitive-style sculpture to evoke the ancient Goddess of abundance. Starting with a simplified human form, with hints of breasts and abundant hips to signify femininity, I then embellished it with decorative details.

In my art history studies, I learned that prehistoric Venus artefacts often had pointed feet, making them easy to plant in the ground for votive purposes—though I can’t find the source now.

I love how these sculptures appear unsteady with their small base points, almost as if they’re not meant to stand at all! But rest assured, they are stable and secure upright.

Made to be viewed from the front.


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